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5 Office Rules That Tenants Need To Follow

When you are renting one of the serviced offices for rent in Downtown, you need to make sure that you maintain a healthy professional relationship with others, especially if you are sharing an office space with other business. Following protocol would be the best way to keep the place together.


If you are sharing an office space or renting a flexi desk, be sure to keep these protocols and silent rules in mind:


  1. Create a safe environment


When you are working with other people, you need to ensure that your office space is secure for them to work. Unsafe work spaces can cause work disruption and worse, work accidents. So, be sure that your office space is safe from any possible accidents. You can start by working out a functional office layout that is convenient for the people working inside and promotes an accident-free space.


  1. Maintain cleanliness


Cleanliness is a cardinal rule in any space and should be observed with utmost tolerance. This rule should be observed at all times not just to make your workspace tidy and spotless, but also to show respect to all people who using the space. So be sure to throw your thrash properly, invest in a storage equipment and keep your things in your space but properly stacked and organized.


  1. Respect personal space


Some people prefer to be alone when they are working. If the people around you prefer to be left alone, respect their request. If you need something from them, be sure to ask their permission politely. You can also create a rule for yourself if you want people to have some distance from you should you feel the need to be alone in your thoughts.


  1. Allow equipment sharing


Shared offices would mean that there are some aspects of the space that are meant to be shared with other tenants. Hoarding the amenities and equipment would definitely not look good and maybe viewed as rude. So be sure to allow others to use them. If you are using them, notify the personnel in advance so they can schedule and reserve the amenities for you.

  1. Be courteous


Being nice is not a rule but it can help create a harmonious working environment.  Smile and greet people in your office space. It can definitely help lighten the mood and make working easier.

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