Pros and cons of vacuum cleaners

A vacuum cleaner in Dubai is a basic need of almost every house hold in this era. There is no doubt that this is one of most useful inventions ever as it allows you to perfectly clean every item. A vacuum cleaner inhales dirt particle from floor, beds, curtains and sofas while purifies air simultaneously. To make it more portable and make it more efficient, the companies are building new designs which are more functional, like a cordless vacuum cleaner Dubai, which can be charged and used later on where there is no electric supply. Other than that many new forms of vacuum cleaners are available in market. Now we will discuss some pros and cons of this technology:


A vacuum cleaner offers many advantages especially for people who are very conscious about clean and neat house.

1: Easy to use: A vacuum machine is very easy to use. Just attach the cord with an electric socket and keep on moving with the pipe on dirty area. It will work efficiently leaving no dirt behind.

Cleans air: A manual way of cleaning can give you very neat result on floor but there is no way to clean the dust from air. A vacuum removes air-borne diseases which are hazard to health.

Cleanse pet waste: If you are a pet owner then you must know the effort of cleaning pet hairs or waste from hidden parts of your home. Use vacuum cleaner for effective removal of pet’s hair or feces. It will instant clear them leaving no sign behind. Otherwise it is very difficult to pick your pet’s hair from your sofa or carpet.

Low cost & time saving: It saves your time by cleaning your home quickly. Plus it is also money saving as you do not have to hire house help and you can clean your own home, car or office.

Advance technology: With advancement in technology you can also get robotic vacuum cleaner and it is super amazing way to clean your home without moving or it can even work itself when you are away from home.

There are some disadvantages of this technology but they are almost ignorable. Plus, with passing time designers and engineers are working to make it more useable and trouble free for customers. As its cons, some vacuums may be heavy and thus hard to move around the house. Secondly it consumes energy which results in increased electricity bill.