4 AC Maintenance Tips to Prep Your AC for the Summers

Keeping your air conditioning unit clean is an important step before the summer season arrives. Dirty filters can block airflow and trap dust and other allergens. It is a good idea to replace your air filters at least twice a month to prevent this. You can also hire air conditioning maintenance companies in Dubai for regular repair and maintenance. These are 4 basic AC maintenance tips for the hot season.

Be sure the outside unit is clean and level:

Make sure the outside of your air conditioning unit is clean and level. If it is on an uneven concrete slab, adding gravel will help level it. If you have plants, be sure to clear them away as they can block the airflow. In addition, remove any debris accumulating on the outside unit. In addition, make sure to clean your outside unit every month.

Be sure vents are clean:

One of the easiest ac maintenance tips is to make sure your vents are clean. Dirt can prevent airflow from your ac, so making sure your vents are clean will increase efficiency. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and use a damp cloth to wipe down the outside of your vents. A thorough cleaning is recommended at least once a year.

Change the air filter regularly:

The next step in AC maintenance is changing your air filter regularly. It is vital to change your air filter once or twice a month, especially if you use it a lot. Your air conditioner needs fresh air to run smoothly, so it’s essential to keep it clean and maintained as much as possible. In addition, it is crucial to check your filters every few weeks during the summer to keep them working at their optimum levels.

Make sure ac unit is ready for the summer:

Before the summer, make sure your ac unit is ready for the summer. You don’t want your AC to break down during the hot summer months, so getting your air conditioning unit serviced as soon as possible is important. Whether you live in the suburbs or the country, routine maintenance visits are essential to keeping your ac in top shape.