5 Contractors Marketing Companies Should Connect To

Running a marketing firm is not an easy task. You need to ensure that your clients’ campaigns are running smoothly and exceeding the output both parties set. But if you are just starting in this business, it can be a tough game to play.

You need all the help you can get to ensure that your firm will not only stay afloat but also run with less glitches and minimal supervision. If you are planning to establish your own marketing firm, here are some contractors that should be on your list:

  1. Brand activation companies


Brand activation firms are organizations that handle offline marketing efforts for clients. Mostly, they work on the field and reach out to target audience face to face. Their work involves product sampling and brand engagement. This kind of work is huge, and working with a firm will definitely help you to carry out multiple brand activation activities simultaneously.


  1. Event organizers


Events and parties are integral part of marketing. Product launches and company parties are just one of the ways to attract your target audience and you need to do it right. Having an innovative event organizer will help you to mount your events and provide you with all the supplier that you need to make your company events a success.


  1. Translation companies

Some marketing firms think that connecting with a translation company in Dubai is not necessary, but it can be a big help should you need someone to translate copies of marketing collaterals for international audience. They can also help you to have translate technical papers like financial statements that will be send out to foreign partners. Having a trusted translation firm will be able to help you in lots of ways.

  1. Statisticians


Number-crunching is not a strong suit of some marketers. If this is the case, you may need the help of someone who knows how. Statisticians can help you read data and Analytics, project outcomes and results for your marketing campaigns.


  1. Strategists


The work of a strategist is essential for your firm, especially if you running a digital one. They can provide you with a sound insight on the direction of the campaign and help you on the proper execution. You can either hire an in-house person to handle this job or you can get a part-timer to help you with this job.

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