5 Ways To Help Your Kid Settle In Their New School

Transferring to a new school can be a bit overwhelming for kids. Being uprooted from their former environment, they feel a certain disconnect. And when you enroll them to a new school, they can fall into the pits of anxiety.

It is not enough that you enroll them in the best high schools in Abu Dhabi, you also need to prepare them on their first day at school. Here are some ways to help them:

  1. Talk to them


Your kid might not say anything, but they might be feeling a little anxious going to their new school. They do not know a soul and they might feel like an outsider with a new crowd. Be sure to take some time to talk to your kid and see how you can help them settle. Listening to what they are saying is also tantamount to helping them and it validate their feelings.


  1. Visit the new school


The uncertainty can make your kid feeling anxious. You can lessen that by going over to the new school weeks before the school officially start. Having a quick tour can help your kid assimilate in the new space and get to know every corner of the school. So when they arrive the first day, they will not feel lost and more confident to be on the space.


  1. Talk to your kid’s teachers


Since your kid doesn’t know a soul in their new school, you might want to employ your kid’s teachers to help them settle in their new environment. They can also help your kid to know more people by selecting and recommending clubs and organizations that might interest your kid. You might want to give them some ideas on your kid’s interests so they recommend the right clubs.


  1. Help them gain new friends


Making new friends can be hard for some kids. But you can help them to feel more comfortable by helping them gain a friend. Set up an intimate party and invite the neighborhood kids so your kid will get to have playmates and some friends before they start school.


  1. Go with them on the first day of school


Another way to show your support is to help them feel more confident by having you on their side. Going with them on the first day of school would help them to feel less anxious on the first day of school.

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