How to Keep Flowers Fresher For Extended Periods

There are several tips and tricks to make your wedding flowers in Dubai last longer, and one of these is adding a teaspoon of bleach to the water. This works as an antibacterial and provides extra nutrition for your flowers. Another tip is to use vodka, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and lowers the pH level in the water. A vitamin C tablet will also help keep your flowers looking and feeling their best. By following these tips, your flowers will last longer.

Always put a few drops of vinegar in the water:

Always put a few drops of vinegar in the water in the vase before displaying the flowers. The acid in the vinegar helps inhibit the growth of bacteria, which cause flowers to wilt. However, you can also substitute vinegar with lemon-lime soda to get the same effect. It is also best to cut the stems at an angle. Finally, ensure that the flowers are displayed in a cool room as direct sunlight can shorten their life span.

Cut the stems of the flowers:

Before arranging your flowers, remember to cut the stems of your flowers. A stem is a vascular system that draws up nutrients and water. Leaving it uncut can obstruct the absorption of these substances. To avoid this, cut the stems with sharp scissors about one-half inch from the bottom, and make sure you leave enough room for air bubbles. If you can’t find any scissors, you can always use a pair of tweezers.

Always place them in a clear vase:

To keep your flowers fresher for longer, you can always place them in a clear vase. If there’s any floating foliage or leaves, remove them using a clean fork or spoon. Be sure to cut about an inch from the bottom. This allows the stems to reopen and absorb more water. If you’re not sure about the best way to do this, try a lemon-lime soda instead.

Once you have chosen a beautiful flower, it’s time to care for it properly. If you don’t know how to care for flowers, here are some tips to keep your flowers fresh. Once you’ve got your flowers in good shape, you can use a vase to display them. A good vase will extend the life of the stems for at least 7 days. It will also prevent the stems from wilting.