Professional food photographers in Dubai

Food photography is a genre of still life photography and commercial photography. It has sprung up as a professional in the last few years and many people are holding successful careers in food photography. It involves taking attractive and aesthetical pictures of various food items, depending on the requirement as well as occasion. This job involves multiple people who work behind the scenes to create all the attractive and mouthwatering pictures of food that we see revolving around the internet. Food photography in Dubai is not limited to the internet though; it is used in many other fields as well. Café’s, restaurants, food blogs and various other fields that require visual representation of food use the services of food photographers too.

Food photography requires help from various people such as a food stylist, a photographer and a cook, to make it possible. Food is prepared by a cook and then arranged into a visually pleasing manner by a food stylist. The food stylist is responsible for how the item appears. First, all the ingredients are chosen and bought from the market and it is made sure that the item chosen is of the perfect quality. Food is only cooked to the point where it looks pleasing to the eye such as a stake is not fully cooked; it is only cooked to the point where it looks juicy and red. A blow iron or a dryer is used to turn the corners brown. Artificial colors are also added to make the food item appear colorful and pleasing. A stylist usually carrier tools such as blow iron, hair dryer, utensils and plates around with them.

The photographer is responsible for all the setting around the food item and makes sure the lighting, colors and setting is in place. The photography usually takes place in a professional photo studio. The photographer usually sets the lighting, prepares the camera and sets the food item on a white cardboard.

Food photographers have increased in number in the last few years and there are many famous food photographers in Dubai. You can find a food photographer in your local area or look up for one online.

If you own an eatery of any kind such as a café, restaurant or any sort of food business in Dubai and are looking to build or update your menu and need a professional photographer to get the task done, hire a professional photographer and have it your way. Look at this for more information.