If you are looking for the best place to start a business, Dubai may be your best bet. This article will discover why foreign investors consider Dubai freezone company setup. Its free-trade economy, tax-free environment, and diversification make it an ideal location for new businesses. Its low energy costs are another key factor that contributes to its popularity. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the city, you’ll find plenty of support from government agencies to get your business up and running in no time.

Tax-free environment:

Dubai is one of the more attractive locations for business due to its tax-free environment. The country has low corporate taxes, making it the best place for foreign investors.

Free-trade economy:

The UAE has a thriving free-trade economy and is a regional hub for firms seeking to serve Asia and African markets, particularly Saudi Arabia and Iran. The UAE’s free-trade policies have made it a prime choice for foreign investors as the country has an enviable value proposition compared to its neighbors, including Iran and Saudi Arabia. There are no income taxes or corporate taxes in Dubai, and it is home to an ex-pat population that makes up 80 percent of its population.

Diversified economy:

The UAE government is committed to a program of economic diversification that will complement the oil-dependent economy and enhance its resilience to global economic downturns. The federal government has invested heavily in renewable energy, aluminum production, manufacturing, and tourism to achieve this. The government has also introduced a new visa regime to attract qualified professionals from various sectors. The UAE has low customs tariffs of five percent or less on virtually all goods.

Low energy costs:

As a low-cost economy, the UAE is a prime destination for foreign investors, and low energy costs are one of its biggest attractions. According to the UAE’s ambassador to the United Nations, the UAE has been forward-thinking in developing its infrastructure, such as its new gas hub that will supply Israel and Jordan with natural gas. As the world moves towards decarburization, the UAE embraces many new energy technologies, including hydrogen and carbon capture and storage.